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Chotanagpur Craft Development Society (CCDS) has been working in rural development sector since 1995, with a mission of socio economic development and to reach up to the last person of the society.


The objective is to address the issues of marginalized and deprived sections especially women and children through existing skill up gradation and by supplementing income generation activities.


Over the last three decades we have developed a community-based approach to tackling endemic issues in India's most marginalised communities.

CCDS is  widening livelihood options, as one of the key adopted strategies, both farm and non-farm sectors for reducing poverty in the remote underdeveloped tribal pockets of Jharkhand. Popularization of sustainable agriculture practices, conservation of natural resources, promotion of people’s organization like Self-help group (SHG), farmers group, primary producers groups and their federations, facilitation of people’s access to microfinance and government schemes, enhancement of market linkages and provision of skill-building support for promotion of off and non-farm micro enterprise/ social enterprise are some of the key elements in this pursuit.

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We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Entrusting of an equitable society, free from all forms of deprivation, neglect, isolation and exploitation in order to ensure equitable development of all sections of the society for the balanced development of Indian ensured.


Our Vision

CCDS visualized a socially just, educated and egalitarian society free from all forms of exploitation, deprivation and neglected, where proper and judicious utilization of human, natural and institutional resources are ensured.

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